Second march for M.Enkhbold’s dismissal takes place

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  • Jan 11,2019
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The January 10 march at Sukhbaatar Square

On January 10, Sukhbaatar Square was crowded with thousands of people who joined a march in support of dismantling the “MANAN” regime and the dismissal of Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold, who is considered as a ringleader of the regime by the organizers of the march.

“MANAN” is the joint acronym of the Mongolian People’s Party and Democratic Party, which is considered by many as the main group defending the interests of rich politicians and business people controlling the country.

The organizers of the march said thousands of people joined the nationwide protest against MANAN on January 10 while many Mongolians living abroad protested M.Enkhbold and his regime.

Many representatives from political parties, civic society and the public attended the march on Thursday.

During the march, lawmakers and heads of civic society organizing the march entered the State Palace to hand over the protest’s demand for M.Enkhbold’s dismissal to him personally, and M.Enkhbold told them, “I will not resign on a basis that is not specified in the law.”

The organizers of the march said that they will continue their protest against MANAN through a hunger strike until M.Enkhbold resigns.

The lawmakers also met with President Kh.Battulga on the same day to discuss accelerating the process for dismissing M.Enkhbold as speaker of Parliament.

The president told the lawmakers that he will call a meeting of the National Security Council soon to speed up the process of adopting his bill that will provide legal grounds for dismissing the speaker of Parliament.

The lawmakers also held a meeting with Cabinet Secretariat G.Zandanshatar to discuss Cabinet support for resolving the current parliamentary dispute.

G.Zandanshatar said that Cabinet ministers will actively participate in the parliamentary session for reviewing the bill.

On January 10, M.Enkhbold said, “I listened to the demands of protestors and I wanted to hand over my response to the demand from the first march held on December 27 to the representatives of the protesters, but they did not receive it from me. I support the bill proposed by President Kh.Battulga.”