Sixth annual Mongolian Academy Awards honors the year’s best films

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The Mongolian National Film Academy held its sixth annual Academy Awards at Ikh Tenger Complex last Friday to honor the best artists and filmmakers in the industry. J.Sengedorj (left) accepts the Best Director award for ‘Lovers’ J.Sengedorj (left) accepts the Best Director award for ‘Lovers’[/caption] This year’s Academy Awards presented honors in 17 categories. J.Sengedorj received the Best Director award for “Lovers”, an erotic drama. “Lovers” received nominations in five categories. “We valiantly proceeded with the filmmaking to revamp [the industry],” said J.Sengedorj during his award acceptance speech. “I’m grateful to Prime Pictures for allowing me to freely do whatever I wanted.” Among the fourteen actors nominated for the Best Actor award, People’s Actor P.Tserendagva won for his outstanding performance in “Atgand Uldsen Erdene” (Golden Treasure). “I will become a better actor and repay the faith entrusted to me by fellow members of Khuvsgal Productions. I have been nominated many times before. I’m amazed by the fact that so many people were nominated. I wish good luck and success to my juniors,” P.Tserendagva remarked. The lead of “Lovers”, D.Gerelmaa, was named Best Actress, actor S.Ariunbyamba received the Best Supporting Actor for his role in "Sodura", and State Honored Artist S.Bolormaa won the Best Supporting Actress award. M.Azzaya and B.Bayarsaikhan’s short film “Ergej Irsen Ni” (The One Who Returned), B.Tulgaa’s “Yurtuntsiin Ungu” (Color of the Universe), B.Chuluun’s “Morin Khuur”, and B.Sukhbold’s “Gift” were nominated for the Best Short Film award. The award went to “Ergej Irsen Ni”. N.Bolor-Erdene received the Best Art Director award for his work in “Sodura”, despite the strong competition, including Ts.Khurelbaatar's work in “Atgand Uldsen Erdene” and “Ureeleg 2”, E.Orgil and D.Undraa of “Muu Nuurt”, and P.Berkheedei art direction in “Urtuu”. “Lovers” cinematographer E.Nergui and the film’s montage specialist M.Tuguldur won the awards for Best Cinematographer and Best Montage. B.Odbayar received the award for Best Composer for his soundtrack to “Mash Nuuts”, and the Best Music award went to “Sodura”. Actor M.Batbayar from “Zambuulin Duusakh Boloogui” was named Best Debut, Mihai Ricardo received the Best Music Director award, T.Bum-Erdene won Best Screenplay for "Ureeleg 2", and Sh.Tansag received the Best Visual Effects award for his work in “Sodura”. The Best Make-Up award went to “Sodura” make-up artist G.Ganchiment, and the Best Producer award went to Prime Pictures for “Ureeleg 2”. This year’s new award, named after the scholar Kh.Damdin, was awarded to the screen writer and director of “Atgand Uldsen Erdene”, U.Uranchimeg.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan