Some border checkpoints to close during Naadam Festival

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  • Jul 05,2016
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Border checkpoints on the Dayan, Bulgan, Baitag, Burgastai, Shivee Khuren, Gashuun Sukhait, Khangi, Zamii-Uud, Bichigt, Sumber, Bayankhoshuu, and Khavirga highways will be closed next week, from July 11 to 15, for the Naadam holiday. The checkpoints will resume normal operations on July 15. Border authorities recommend that the public travel via railway or airplane if they have to China or Russia during the Naadam holiday. Airports and railway checkpoints in Altanbulag, Buyant Ukhaa, and Zamiin-Uud will not see a disruption in service during Naadam holiday.