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  • Apr 08,2016
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“Riddles” by Ch.BAASANJAV “Riddles” by Ch.BAASANJAV[/caption] “SPACE” by L.KHONGORZUL “SPACE” by L.KHONGORZUL[/caption] “ERKHII MERGEN” by G.SANCHIRBOLD “ERKHII MERGEN” by G.SANCHIRBOLD[/caption] IMG_2313 “DUVA” by G.BATTUR “DUVA” by G.BATTUR[/caption] The group exhibition “Spring” is on view at Union of Mongolian Artists Art Gallery through April 11. The exhibition includes over 50 paintings, sculptures, and installations in surrealist, realist, and abstract styles. B.Orkhontuul’s “Portrait of a Mother I Met on the Road” is a puzzle about sexuality, with pieces revealing a naked human form holding a family portrait.  The image of a goddess and a fine red line are laid over a woman’s form with surreal depth. The father’s face in the family portrait is from the missing puzzle and a penis peeks from underneath the portrait. Orange slices on a golden lotus pedestal seem to represent an idealized past, when oranges were very rare and considered a luxury item and linked inseparably to the idea of celebration for children of the ‘80s and ‘90s. Pigeons are gathered at the  head of the human form, looking as if they were pecking at breadcrumbs, and may represent the public’s disapproval of changes to gender roles during the 1990s. Ch.Baasanjav’s “Riddles”, a Mongol zurag painting, speaks to the artist’s ideas about the current political state of Mongolia. The painting is filled with evil-faced Parliamentarians signing contracts, leading to fire and the deaths of citizens and other Parliamentarians.