Students, military and job seekers to be employed for harvest

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During its weekly meeting on August 11, Cabinet approved a resolution to involve students, youth, military personnel and job seekers in the harvest work.

According to Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry Z.Mendsaikhan, employment contracts will be signed and paid jobs will be provided to the target group.

During the meeting, Minister of Road and Transport Development L.Khaltar was assigned to inspect the damage of national roads used for crop transportation, complete repairs, and resolve road and railway transportation issues by hiring a professional organization.

This year, 416,800 hectares of wheat, 19,000 hectares of potatoes, 9,400 hectares of vegetables, 80,000 hectares of fodder, 86,000 hectares of oilseeds, and 4,700 hectares of fruits were cultivated. Compared to the same period of the previous year, wheat cultivation increased by 26,700 hectares.

Due to natural and climatic conditions, crop germination was delayed, growth was adversely affected, and harvesting was delayed due to issues at the border. Therefore, the demand for manpower for this year’s harvest will be higher than in previous years, the food minister said.


Cabinet decided to reward athletes who won medals at the Tokyo Olympic Games and their coaches.

Specifically, silver medalist Saeid Mollaei will be rewarded 60 million MNT and bronze medalists M.Urantsetseg, Ts.Tsogtbaatar and B.Bolortuya 30 million MNT each. In addition, coach Kh.Boldbaatar will receive a cash prize of 45 million MNT, while coaches M.Bundmaa and B.Battulga will be given 15 million MNT each.

The relevant officials were instructed to disburse 225 million MNT required for the cash prizes in accordance with the relevant regulations.


From September 1 this year, lunch expenses per child in grades 1 to 5 was increased from 900 MNT to 1,500 MNT, while the lunch expenditure per child in grades 6 to 9 will be set at 1,800 MNT from September 1, 2022.

The relevant ministers were instructed to approve and decide on the number of nutritionists who will be responsible for monitoring the quality and availability of food production and services in kindergartens and schools, and providing management and methodological support.

Cabinet reminded ministers to monitor the quality and safety of food production and services in schools and kindergartens, and prevent possible risks.


During its meeting, Cabinet decided to submit a draft amendment to the Law on Protection of Environment to Parliament.

Provisions regulating the right to know about conditions of subsoil use, environmental impact, rehabilitation, and control measures taken by the competent authorities was added to Article 14 on civil rights and responsibilities of the law.

Cabinet also decided to add a provision obliging the authorized organization to openly report to the public about the conditions of subsoil use, environmental impact, rehabilitation and control measures, and include it in the environmental status information.


Minister of Health S.Enkhbold briefed Cabinet members on the e-transition in the health sector at the meeting.

The development of data exchange for 12 types of clinical software used by public and private organizations was completed, and health organizations will be able to submit an invoice for funding electronically.

Medical inquiries can now be obtained through the e-Mongolia system. The ministry is preparing to include medical records and four other types of inquiries and references issued by doctors and hospitals to citizens, according to the health minister.

During the meeting, Cabinet made the following decisions.

• The regulation on state support to the oil refinery was approved.

• Minister of Construction and Urban Development B.Munkhbaatar introduced the demands of tenants related to the state rental housing program. Minister of Finance B.Javkhlan was instructed to develop a proposal to resolve the existing debt and payment issues, and present it to Cabinet.

• Minister of Labor and Social Welfare A.Ariunzaya was instructed to include the policy of welfare-oriented employment in draft revisions of the Law on Social Welfare and Law on Employment Promotion, and present it to the government in accordance with the relevant regulations by October 2021.

• Cabinet supported the draft revision of the Law on Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and decided to submit some proposals to the bill initiators.

• An administration in charge of construction projects at Khushig Valley was established.

• The health minister was assigned to study the issue of organizing preventive screening and early detection based on age, gender and health risks through public and private health organizations, and take relevant measures. In 2020, 427,700 people were provided early detection examinations with 6.6 billion MNT funding from the Health Insurance Fund. As of May 2021, 38,957 insured people were examined nationwide and 1.55 billion MNT was provided from the insurance.

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