T.Shinetuya: I have to be more responsible

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  • Mar 28,2016
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Mongolian fashion model T.Sinetuya recently won the annual World Supermodel Pageant, which took place from March 12 to 21 in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

T.Shinetuya, 16, currently studies at Gegeerel Middle School. By winning the competition, the teen model won a contract with Trump Model Agency in New York.

She returned to Mongolia on March 23 and gave an interview to Unuudur.

Congratulations on winning the highest prize of the World Supermodel Pageant. Please tell us about yourself.

Thank you. I study at Gegeerel Middle School. I am 16 years old. I am a contracted model at Shilmel Zagvar Agency. I like swimming, playing basketball and training in gymnastics in my free time.

Tell our readers about the World Supermodel Pageant.

I competed in the World Supermodel Pageant, held in Bloemfontein, South Africa. I won the World Teen Supermodel title and won the top prize of the pageant competition. I am the first Mongolian contestant of the competition. Models from 40 countries aged between 16 to 19 and 20 to 30 competed in the competition.

What was the main criterion of the World Supermodel Pageant?

The organizers looked at everything, such as behavior, face, skin and body. An open competition was organized between models in Mongolia. I competed against a lot of impressive girls and won a right to compete in the World Supermodel Pageant. It was the first competition for me. I haven’t participated in any competitions before.

Which model was the most impressive for you? 

Every participant was very impressive, because they were selected from their countries to compete in the World Supermodel Pageant. I don't want to mention names or countries. Everyone was very impressive. All the competitors became friends.

You said you made friends with girls from other countries. Were there any language barriers?

I have been learning Chinese since I was little. I have also been studying English since middle school. That’s why speaking with them wasn’t too difficult.

Did you go to the competition with your own hairdresser and make-up artist?

Executive director of Shilmel Zagvar Agency Tamir, manager Munkhtsetseg and model T.Battsetseg went to South Africa to participate in the World Supermodel Pageant. T.Battsetseg competed in the 20 to 30 years of age category of the competition. Tamir and Munkhtsetseg took care of my hair and make-up. Designer of Shilmel Zagvar Agency J.Tselmeg made a dress for me. T.Battsetseg is an experienced model. She taught me everything.

T.Battsetseg represented Mongolia at the Miss World 2015. What’s is the difference between the Miss World and World Supermodel Pageant?

Both are one of the biggest competitions in the world. In my opinion, the Miss World is a competition that values the inner beauty and natural appearance of girls. The main criterion for the World Supermodel Pageant is how well we can handle photo shoots.

The fashion world’s doors are open for you now for sure.

Of course, there will be many good opportunities for me. I won a right to sign a contract with Trump Model Agency in New York. Trump Model Agency gives a one-year contract to the winner of the World Supermodel Pageant. But they gave me a right for a three-year contract. The agency said they believe that I have a very bright future. I have to be more responsible.