‘The land where residential building was being built will be registered as public land’

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Naran Trade LLC has started the construction of a 16-story apartment building in 6th khoroo of Bayanzurkh District, where a school building was supposed to be built. Residents protested it and appealed to the Ulaanbaatar City Council and the city mayor. In this regard, two working groups were set up consisting of representatives of the city council, Ulaanbaatar Urban Development Department and Land Management Department and issued an order. The order was presented to the citizens by the city mayor’s Senior Advisor for Administration and Legal Affairs D.Munkh-Erdene.

Naran Trade owns 19,980 square meters of land in 6th khoroo of Bayanzurkh District for the purpose of building housing and a school complex. However, the land has not been used for more than two years for this purpose specified in the contract without a valid reason. Therefore, 9,076 square meters of the land, except for the properties purchased through privatization, were removed and the size of the ownership area was changed. Naran Trade started the construction work on this land, which negatively affected the healthy and safe living conditions of the residents of nearby buildings. Thus, the construction permit was revoked due to a violation.

Senior advisor D.Munkh-Erdene highlighted, “The vacated land will be registered as public land and will be landscaped into greenery and a playground. In order to protect the interests of citizens and create conditions for living in a healthy and safe environment, the capital city is demolishing garages, fences and billboards”.

He also emphasized that the mayor is making decisions that protect the interests of citizens and ensure the implementation of laws and regulations.

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Dulguun Bayarsaikhan