‘There is no need to increase number of NHRC members’

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During its plenary session on April 1, Parliament discussed a draft amendment to the Law on National Human Rights Commission and the bill on human rights defenders.

Some lawmakers expressed their views on the bill. Particularly, independent parliamentarian N.Altankhuyag said, “We lack courage and justice. After the establishment of the National Human Right Commission (NHRC) with five members, the bill was introduced to increase the number of human rights defenders to seven. It is unknown what the commission did when human rights were violated. Parents who sent their children to the army are now crying. But you are talking about adding staff here.”

Lawmaker Ts.Munkh-Orgil noted that the bill on human rights defenders can be passed, but there is no need to increase the number of NHRC members.

“It is an important law that makes everyone a human rights defender. The government said yesterday that the case of S.Zorig’s murder would be declassified. Parliament needs to show leadership in this regard. We need to work quickly and proactively on this issue,” lawmaker B.Enkhbayar said.

Parliament decided to transfer the draft amendment to the standing committee for preparation.

The amendment to the Law on Government Special Funds was discussed. The amendment states that it will be funded by auctions for state license plates, donations and grants from foreign countries, international organizations, individuals and legal entities to support children’s development, cultural and artistic performances and sporting events.

Some members proposed to centralize the excise tax on alcohol and tobacco in the fund, criticized that the Children’s Fund’s income is not fixed and uncertain, and warned that the fund’s costs are too high.

During the session, the bill on controlling the circulation of alcohol and combating alcoholism, which includes seven chapters and 45 articles, was discussed.

The bill was developed to regulate relations related to production, import, sale, service and consumption of alcohol, fight against alcoholism, and prevention of alcoholism.

It stipulates that a permit to import alcohol will be issued for a period of three years by the state central administrative body in charge of food in accordance with regulations approved by the government.

Expressing his support for the bill, lawmaker J.Munkhbat noted that issues of alcoholism should be clearly included in this law. “Vodka with the state emblem and symbol is produced. It should be regulated by law,” he said.

Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Kh.Nyambaatar highlighted that the bill prohibits the production of vodka with same name as the state symbol or a historical figure.

Moreover, Parliament appointed lawmaker G.Damdinnyam as chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Science and Sports.

Misheel Lkhasuren