Thousands queue for reserve meat

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The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry began selling reserve meat this weekend through extended trade fairs in additional 10 locations in an effort to moderate the fast-rising meat prices.

Thousands of people are queuing up to four hours because of the high demand for affordable meat. It was reported that each person can buy five to six kilograms of meat at maximum, which means those who want or need more meat at a bargain will need to go to the back of the line to purchase more.

Prices at these extended expos are 7,200 MNT per kilogram of beef, 6,000 MNT per kilogram of mutton, and 5,500 MNT per kilogram of goat meat. Prepared meat are packaged in two or three kilograms.

The ministry explained the high meat prices are connected to poor meat supply and preparation of reserve meat. In previous years, 12,000 to 17,000 tons of reserve meat was prepared for city residents but this year, only 4,000 tons were reserved, according to officials.

The extended expos will run through June 15 under a decree by the minister of food, agriculture and light industry.

The minister also instructed concerned agencies and organizations to stop meat export during April and May when meat supply is lowest and when signing contracts with meat exporters, ensure 10 percent of their total meat products are sold domestically at reserve meat prices.


  1. Songinokhairkhan
  2. Bayankhoshuu bus terminal
  3. Tolgoit bus terminal
  4. Sodon Residential Area
  5. Khan-Uul
  6. Nisekh, Buyant-Ukhaa 1 residential area
  7. Old Yarmag bus terminal
  8. Sukhbaatar
  9. Khangai Residential Area
  10. Bayangol
  11. Square located east of KFC branch in 25th Pharmacy
  12. Bayanzurkh
  13. Jukov Square
  14. Chingeltei
  15. Bumbugur Trade Center
  16. Khailaast bus terminal

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