Three-year contract signed with enterprises for maintenance of green areas

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General Manager of Ulaanbaatar City and Head of the Office of the Mayor M.Bayaraa informed about landscaping and green areas work and other timely issues.

Within the framework of the “One Billion Trees” national campaign initiated by the President of Mongolia, the city of Ulaanbaatar will plant 65 million trees out of 120 million trees for urban green areas and horticulture. Planting of 7.2 million trees in nine districts of the capital will be organized in stages until 2030. This year, it is planned to expand the tree nursery and grow seedlings of the required standard, and to do the above work within the framework of public-private partnership.

For the first time, a three-year contract on the green areas to be maintained by the private sector, has been signed with 25 professional enterprises. By concluding the contract for three years, the private sector will be able to participate in the public utility and create conditions for sustainable activities. Under the contract, enterprises will plant 237,000 flowers, 20,500 square meters of lawn, and 18,500 trees and shrubs.

Government Resolution No.340 stipulates that some government functions will be per- formed by the private sector. According to this, Office of the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar transferred 60 percent of its activities that could be performed by the private sector to enterprises. This year, it will reach 70 percent, and it is planned to transfer 100 percent to the private sector in the future. 71 percent of the city's green areas budget is spent on maintenance of public green areas, and 29 percent is spent on increasing it. In 2023, Office of the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar plans to repair, renew, and expand sidewalks on an area of 15,463 square meters in a total of 20 locations in order to create conditions for citizens to travel in a healthy and safe environment. As of today, 4,248 square meters of work has been completed in 10 locations. Work on the remaining 10 locations will begin this week. Also, a contractor has been selected and contracts signed to complete the work of micro-gardens in 16 locations in the ger areas in July.

Misheel Lkhasuren