Transparency Agreement reviewed

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On August 25, Speaker of Parliament G.Zandanshatar received a delegation led by Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Mongolia Gregory May to exchange views on the implementation of the Transparency Agreement between Mongolia and the USA.

During the meeting, the sides discussed a number of matters related to the agreement, including legal regulations, its translations, electronic platforms, and technical solutions.

Speaker G.Zandanshatar noted that Parliament and Cabinet of Mongolia are working to fulfill their responsibilities under the Transparency Agreement, and that international treaties and agreements of Mongolia are “as valid as laws passed by Parliament”.

He said the Transparency Agreement would be important in attracting foreign investment as it provides an opportunity for the public to get information on international trade and investment legislation.

Deputy Chief of Mission May emphasized that Mongolia and the USA signed the Transparency Agreement in 2013, which entered into force in 2017, and expressed interest in obtaining information on bills on legislation and public information, which will be important for the implementation of the agreement. 

May said it would take four years to complete the deal and that it would start showing results starting next year.

During the meeting, State Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs B.Baasandorj reported that a joint order by the state secretary of the ministry, the secretary general of the Secretariat of Parliament and first deputy chief of the Cabinet Secretariat was approved in 2017 in connection with the implementation of the agreement.

“In accordance with this order, regulations were approved and translations of international agreements related to foreign investment, bills and other relevant laws have been posted on website by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Cabinet Secretariat and Ministry of Justice. At present, more than 110 Mongolian legal documents have been translated into English and posted on the website, of which 43 laws are directly related to the Transparency Agreement,” he highlighted.

State Secretary B.Baasandorj also reported on bills on legislation and public information, which were submitted to Parliament during the spring session. The bills include a provision to intensify the Transparency Agreement, he said.

Misheel Lkhasuren