‘Troupe Amaraa’ wins silver trophy from Monte-Carlo Circus Festival

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At the 46th annual International Monte-Carlo Circus Festival held in Monte Carlo, Monaco, the Mongolian "Troupe Amaraa" led by T.Amartuvshin successfully participated in this festival and won a silver trophy for their acrobatic performance "Hun Empire". The International Monte-Carlo Circus Festival has been held since 1974. Also, participants from Mongolia, for the first time, won a silver trophy for the contortionist performance in 1987. In particular, Mongolian contortionists E.Erdenetuya and E.Oyunchimeg showed a great performance and got this achievement. 

"Troupe Amaraa" got the first silver trophy for the acrobatic performance from the Monte-Carlo Circus Festival after 38 years. The United Committee of Mongolian Circus Art Organizations emphasized that Mongolia won two silver trophies in this prestigious competition, which is ranked highest in the world. The troupe also won the silver trophy at the 19th China Wuqiao International Circus Festival at the end of last year with their "Hun Empire" performance.

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo