Ts.Ariunbaigali shares various moods through art

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Humans are unique as we can feel various emotions and ever-changing moods among other creatures on Earth. In our everyday life, our moods influence our work and communication with others. Especially, artistt tend to be affected by their moods when it comes to creating art.

Artist Ts.Ariunbaigali has channeled her moods in her art and launched her first solo exhibition called “The Mood” on October 18 at the MN Art Gallery. 

Looking at her paintings, it feels as if her moods summoned her mind to the past, guided her to the future and teleported her to the world that exists perhaps only in parallel realities. You can feel that her hand and brushes were in full control of her emotions from her pieces.

We highly recommend you pay a visit to the exhibition and feel her unique expressions of moods with your own eyes before the exhibition closes on October 30.

Ts.Ariunbaigali previously held a joint exhibition with another talented artist, M.Tsaschikher. Ts.Uranbaigali’s art often describes the eccentric and inseparable spiritual connection between humans and nature.

"Summer of that Year"
"May in Saint Petersburg"
"Summer Vibe"

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