Turkish doctor performs surgery on children with scoliosis

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Surgeon at Emsey Hospital of Turkey, Mehmet Aydogan worked at the National Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Center (NTORC), examined clients with congenital spinal deformities and other curvatures, and performed surgery on two children. Together with the doctors of the spine surgery department of NTORC, he successfully performed surgery on two children, aged 12 and 14, with severe birth defects of the spine and curvature of the spine (Scoliosis).

The relevant officials led by the director of NTORC E.Galbadrakh met and discussed with Professor Mehmet Aydogan, about the advanced technologies and new methods introduced in the treatment of spinal curvature and congenital spinal disorders.

Professor Mehmet Aydogan, during his tenure at the NTORC, conducted a training course on “Metastatic bone tumors” for medical professionals and shared experience on treatment methods.

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