UB Mayor’s Office to cooperate with CU in supporting startups and creating jobs

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A memorandum of cooperation was signed by the Mayor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar and the parent company of the CU convenience store chain, Premium Group LLC, to provide healthy food to the citizens and support employment and startup businesses. Additionally, activities will be intensified in the direction of spreading the culture of the capital city, preventing crime and violations and supporting the sustainable development of the environment and society. In this regard, Acting Head of the Mayor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar I.Baatarkhuu and CEO of Premium Group A.Ganbold signed the memorandum of cooperation.

Acting Head I.Baatarkhuu said, “Within the framework of the memorandum of cooperation, we will cooperate with the CU convenience store chain in six areas. The CU brand operates with many chain stores in Ulaanbaatar and introduced a new service culture. They are ensuring food safety and working responsibly on social issues. It also opened the opportunity for convenient services for citizens and established standards. We are grateful for raising standard requirements to a new level within the framework of social responsibility and providing quality and safe products and services to the citizens of the capital.”

CEO A.Ganbold said that the group will cooperate with the city in the areas of ensuring food safety, preventing crimes and violations, providing jobs and supporting startup businesses. He also highlighted that multifaceted work will be implemented, including spreading and promoting the international experience by the CU brand throughout Ulaanbaatar, providing jobs to young people, training them and advertising within the framework of crime prevention work.

“For instance, chain stores will advertise that alcohol, wine and cigarettes cannot be sold to people under the age of 21. CU brand operates with about 270 chain stores. This number will increase in the future. We have many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and service providers that supply products to our company. By supporting them and making sales, we will provide the opportunity to develop together,” he added.

There are 43,236 enterprises engaged in SMEs and services in the capital, which makes up 68 percent of SMEs in Mongolia. SMEs account for 70 percent of the national labor market but account for only 2.4 percent of exports and 18.3 percent of the GDP. Therefore, the establishment of this memorandum of cooperation has many significances, such as support for SMEs, distribution of experience, food and vegetable production, logistics, marketing and services. Additionally, the memorandum of cooperation provides for support and cooperation in selling food products produced by SMEs and goods through CU chain stores in foreign countries.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan