Ulaanbaatar becomes greener with 480,000 trees planted in 2016

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  • Jun 15,2016
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The Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office reported that under the city’s 2016 urban development plan in preparation for the Asia-Europe Meeting Summit 480,000 trees and shrubs were planted around the city in May. The Mayor’s Office reported that 950,000 cubic meters of lawns were mown, 2,100 shrubs planted, 950,000 cubic meters of lawns were watered, and 150,000 cubic meters of green space had its soil revitalized. The Ulaanbaatar Environment and Green Development department planted nearly 1,500 shrubs of six varieties around the city to improve Ulaanbaatar’s green development. This year, the Mayor’s Office says it plans to sow grass on 350,000 cubic meters in Ulaanbaatar. Greenery planting on 80,000 cubic meters along roads to National Naadam Festival venues began in the beginning of June.