Ulaanbaatar Election Commission refuses registration of coalitions and independent candidates in City Council elections

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  • May 20,2016
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Representatives of two political coalitions and 19 independent candidates who are seeking seats on the Ulaanbaatar Citizen’s Representative Khural (City Council) held a press conference yesterday to announce that Ulaanbaatar’s Election  Commission refused to register the coalitions and  independent candidates for the upcoming election. The representatives explained that under the Election Law, a political party established 180 days prior to an election is eligible to participate in the election. They claim that the National Audit Authority received the documents of the candidates and that their materials were filed in accordance with the law. The independent candidates and coalitions submitted a request to the Ulaanbaatar Election Commission to review their decision, with a response to be given within three days. The Ulaanbaatar Election Commission explained that the Election Law does not state that coalitions are eligible to compete in City Council elections, but coalitions are eligible to run in parliamentary and presidential elections. The  commission said that no coalitions or independent candidates met the criteria for the 2016 City Council elections. The commission stated that the independent candidates looking to participate in the Ulaanbaatar City Council elections submitted the collected  signatures and names of children, as well as  voters who do not exist. Ulaanbaatar Election Commission authorities said that they did not register the independent candidates as they had breached the Election Law.   The Mongolian People’s Party, Democratic Party, and Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party have put forward 45 candidates for the parliamentary elections. The Civil Movement Party has nominated 44 candidates, the National Labor Party has nominated  29 candidates, and 21 candidates have been submitted by the Republican Party. The Mongolian Conservative Party has 10 candidates, the Development Program Party has six, and the Mongolian United Conservative Party has submitted materials for three nominees.