Ulaanbaatar officials say 11 billion MNT will be spent on addressing air pollution

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This year, Mongolia is estimated to spend more than 11 billion MNT on air pollution projects, with 600 million MNT dedicated to air pollution research. Unuudur Newspaper reports that five billion MNT from the state budget, 3.15 million MNT from the Ulaanbaatar city budget, and 2.6 million USD (approximately 6.45 billion MNT) from the Ulaanbaatar Clean Air Project will be spent on combatting air pollution in Mongolia. Ulaanbaatar authorities say they are planning to spend 600 million MNT on studying the impact of air pollution on public health; one billion MNT will be spent on promoting the use of Monwatt LLC's Tulgat stoves; 400 million MNT will be spent on a project led by the Ulaanbaatar Environmental Department to build green facilities and support forestry management; and 1.15 billion MNT will be spent on the technological upgrade of a laboratory that analyzes air quality. Reportedly, the Tulgat stove's electrical functions can be fully recharged within 10 hours and can provide heat for 24 hours.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan