Ulaanbaatar Zoo halts activities

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Ulaanbaatar Zoo and Aquarium has officially announced that it is closed on December 13. The zoo, which opened in 2017, noted in a statement that after spending on expenditures that exceeded its income since the COVID-19 pandemic, it was no longer able to pay the rent, operating costs, and salaries of its employees. More than 200 animals lived in the zoo, and the cost of food for one day was more than 300,000 MNT.

Ulaanbaatar Zoo and Aquarium was the only indoor zoo in Mongolia, and it was a valuable place to teach Mongolian children about many kinds of animals they used to see on TV and in books. There were more than 700 animals of more than 80 species. It had reduced the entertainment area by 200 sq.m, especially with the small number of visitors compared to before the lockdown. In compliance with the measures of social distancing, they converted the hall into a single-lane hall so that they enter through one door and exit through the other one until it was closed on December 13. 

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