Visa approval for foreign citizens to be issued online

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The Immigration Agency of Mongolia informed that the Mongolian visa approval has been newly approved and visa approval will be issued digitally from January 30. It aims to improve the registration of foreign citizens, digitize government services and deliver the services quickly. Previously, the visa application was received online and if approved, the visa authorization was printed in paper form and the code was sent to the registered email address of the citizen or enterprise. Therefore, by switching it to the digital format, it will be possible to check the e-visa approval by logging into the integrated online service system with the registered address. If the request sent by the inviter of the foreign citizen or business organization is approved, a notification will be sent to the applicant's registered email address. After the notification is sent, the information of the invited foreigner and the inviter, visa category, type, visa validity period and length of stay in Mongolia will be retrieved from the integrated online service system. Also, it is now possible to download the e-visa permission with QR code which includes all kinds of information, such as the visa issuing place.

A visa permission is a document issued by the authorized visa-issuing authority to the Mongolian Diplomatic Missions Abroad and the border ports of Mongolia to provide visas to foreign citizens. Moreover, Mongolian Diplomatic Missions Abroad will review visa approvals from the, issued by the Immigration Agency of Mongolia and provide the visas. 

The Immigration Agency of Mongolia has indicated that the agency had issued visas to 44,831 foreign people last year. Thus, it is important to reduce the costs of printing visa approval documents by transferring the visa approval to the digital system, as well as reducing the number of steps involved, such as printing, signing, confirming and scanning as well as sending it to the applicant.

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo