‘Vision-2050’ policy document to be discussed this week

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       On May 4, the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) caucus held its weekly meeting to discuss the long-term development policy of Mongolia entitled “Vision-2050”, and was introduced to the working group established by Parliament.

Following the meeting, MPP Caucus Chairman D.Togtokhsuren and lawmaker S.Byambatsogt held a briefing about the meeting.

D.Togtokhsuren said, “Prior to the upcoming elections, ‘Vision-2050’ development policy document has to be approved. Parliament established a working group headed by S.Byambatsogt. It was agreed that Parliament should discuss and approve the major post-constitutional document, ‘Vision-2050’.”

Lawmaker S.Byambatsogt noted that Parliament will discuss “Vision-2050” this week.

“In connection with this document, a working group was established by the order of the speaker of Parliament. The working group has met three times and submitted specific proposals to Parliament,” he added.

‘The authority of the government will end’

On the same day, the Democratic Party (DP) council convened to exchange views on priority issues to be discussed during the spring session.

Reporting on the DP council meeting, D.Erdenebat said, “The amendments to the Law on the Government, Act of Parliament, and the Law on Parliamentary Procedure are scheduled to be discussed the next week. We considered that the principle position on these laws must be strictly observed in the Constitution.”

“Unless the procedure of parliamentary session is changed, it is common for members to press the [vote] button when they are not familiar with the law. So we are proposing to abolish it and hold a debate during the session. We have also repeatedly stated that in connection with the enactment of the constitutional amendment, the authority of the government will end and it will be necessary to change its structure,” he added.

D.Erdenebat noted that the DP council consolidated their proposals on spring sowing amid the pandemic.

“We warned during the plenary session that there would be a shortage of wheat. Therefore, the government needs to pay special attention to the shortage of 10,000 tons of seed and wheat,” he said.

Lawmaker O.Baasankhuu said, “Parliament is adjourning the spring session before the implementation of the Constitution. The session is being adjourned early due to the legislation on changing the government structure.”

Misheel Lkhasuren