Water Sector Leadership Program kicks off

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Every Success is Different NGO has started to launch the Water Sector Leadership Program in cooperation with the Mongolian branch of the International Water Resources Association. The program has started selecting young people who are willing to work together to improve their knowledge of the challenges facing the world and Mongolia’s water sector and to find solutions together.

The program will run until September this year and by the end of the program, more than twenty professional scholars will evaluate the team’s assignments and the effectiveness of their solutions. The most important outcome of the program is expected to be the establishment of a platform for participants and young professionals to stay in touch, discuss issues and share experiences, as well as the creation of a network of active youth.

During the launch of the program, Country Director for External Relations of the Climate Green Foundation S.Oyun emphasized that one of the most pressing issues discussed at the World Economic Forum in recent years has been water security and the environment, and thanked the NGO for initiating the program.

She said, “It is important that young people participate in this program aimed to address the challenges facing the water sector. Anyone can make a difference. We have to mobilize ourselves, we have to understand the problem, we have to work actively to solve it, and we have to work together.”

The inaugural event was an inspiring and introductory event for the youth, organizers said. During the program, the participants will learn from industry experts, gain a holistic view of the sector’s problems, and learn about projects and programs in the water sector. This will allow them to gain knowledge and experience from all sides and based on that, to identify solutions to the problems facing the water sector, Every Success is Different NGO noted.

Enkhnaranjav Tumurbaatar