Work on bridge between Yarmag and first micro-district starts

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                                             On March 14, G. Bayarsaikhan, Head of the Ulaanbaatar Road Development Department, announced that “The work on the double Zaisan bridge, the bridge structure from Naadamchid Road to Enkhtaivan Avenue (connecting Yarmag road to the First micro-district), and the bridge structure from Shar Khad to Gachuurt started on March 1.”

In addition, the following issue of the National Sports Stadium was discussed during the emergency meeting of the City’s management staff. 51 percent of National Sports Stadium was privatized in 1993, and the surrounding areas have been shrinking year by year, and multi-story apartments have been built. The Stadium organizes concerts and earns income, but the capital, which owns 49 percent, does not receive any money. Just last year, the capital spent a lot of money on the improvement of the Stadium. Therefore, Capital City Governor D.Sumiyabazar said, “We do repairs and services. However, no money comes into the capital, it cannot be like this. A working group should be formed and an examination should be submitted. The property of the capital cannot be as if it has no owner.”

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