Working group established to improve Corruption Index ranking

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During its irregular meeting on June 16, Cabinet established a working group to eliminate corruption and bureaucracy, and improve the Corruption Index ranking assigned to Mongolia.

Head of the working group, Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs Kh.Nyambaatar was instructed to develop and implement an intensified action plan.

The government believes that its decisions are not being implemented at the primary and secondary levels, leading to bureaucracy and corruption in accessing public services.

Therefore, a working group consisting of representatives of relevant government agencies was set up to reduce abuse of power and position of public office, pressure on businesses, bureaucracy and corruption, and ensure the coherence of government agencies, taking into account the research and conclusions of international organizations and the situation in Mongolia.

Mongolia is ranked 111th in the Corruption Perceptions Index, and the government aims to make significant improvements in the country’s standing within two years. The newly established working group will intensify efforts to improve the legal environment and accelerate e-transition, according to Cabinet.

Transparency International, an international non-governmental organization based in Berlin, Germany, annually develops the Corruption Perceptions Index based on a survey of public officials and business corruption, and announced its 2020 results to the world on January 28, 2021. According to the index, Mongolia scored 111 points in 2020 and ranked 111th out of 180 countries. This is the same score as the previous year, but a decrease of five places. 

According to the survey, the main reason for the decrease in Mongolia’s score compared to the previous year may be due to the increase in abuse of power and position by civil servants. In addition, Mongolia’s rating has declined due to the increased risk of corruption in the conduct of business and the conclusion of contracts and agreements.

During the meeting, Exclusive Border Administration state-funded enterprise, which is responsible for coordinating the work of law enforcement and border control agencies and local governments in the areas of border control, cross-border transport regulation, infection control and security, was set up to increase the turnover from mineral and oil exports and foreign trade.

Misheel Lkhasuren