Working group established to prepare anti-alcoholism bill

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On April 6, the Standing Committee on Justice established a working group in charge of preparation of bill on controlling the circulation of alcohol and combating alcoholism for parliamentary review.

During the meeting, the standing committee passed a draft standing committee resolution on amending the resolution.

The draft resolution provides for appointment of member of the Mongolian Bar Association, lawyer M.Munkhbat to the working group in charge of selection of non-judge members of the Judiciary General Council and the Judicial Disciplinary Committee, which established by Resolution No. 9 of the Standing Committee on Justice on March 31, 2021.

Moreover, Chairman of the Democratic Party caucus in Parliament D.Ganbat proposed to adjourn the discussion of the president’s partial veto of Resolution No. 31 on the appointment and exemption of member of the Constitutional Court, and Chairman of the standing committee S.Byambatsogt consented to a one-day break.


The Standing Committee on Budget discussed the amendment to the Law on Government Special Funds on the same day.

Lawmaker B.Jargalmaa said that children with disabilities and the Mongolian National Paralympic Committee thanked Parliament for supporting the principled proposal to support children with disabilities who are preparing for and participating in international, continental, world cultural, arts and sports competitions and festivals, and asked to leave the proposal unchanged.

Chairman of the standing committee Ch.Khurelbaatar noted that no changes were made to the proposal.

During the meeting, some members proposed to centralize the excise tax on alcohol and tobacco in the fund.

The amendment states that it will be funded through auctions for state license plates, donations and grants from foreign countries, international organizations, individuals and legal entities to support children’s development, cultural and artistic performances and sporting events.

The standing committee decided to introduce its proposals and conclusion on the bill sponsored by lawmaker G.Amartuvshin during the plenary session.

Minister of Labor and Social Welfare A.Ariunzaya and the relevant officials participated in the standing committee meeting.

Misheel Lkhasuren