Prosectutors to further investigate S.Zorig’s case

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The General Prosecutor’s Office announced on Wednesday that a working group was assigned to investigate whether the murder of 36-year-old hero of the democratic revolution and former Minister of Infrastructure S.Zorig was ordered and premeditated.

The murder of S.Zorig remained unsolved for 18 years, since October 1998, but the court convicted Ts.Amgalanbaatar, B.Sodnomdarjaa, and T.Chimgee to 25, 24 and 25 years in prison respectively for aggravated and premeditated murder to cover up another murder. The case was closed on December 27, 2016 after five days of trial.

On the following day, S.Zorig's sister and former Minister of Environment S.Oyun made a statement expressing her doubts about the court’s decision.

“We, the victims, don’t believe that the court decision was justified. A closed trial was held for the case because it was said that confidential state information were discussed,” S.Oyun’s statement read. “My lawyer represented me at the trial and explained my position under legal grounds. This trial hasn’t ended the murder case of S.Zorig or revealed all of its employer, organizers and perpetrators.”

On December 28, S.Oyun gave an interview to Eagle TV, and informed that she had issued a demand that the appeal court be held openly.

The General Prosecutors Office started an investigation to find out if there really was a mastermind behind the assassination as speculated by S.Oyun.

The working group consists of investigators from the General Intelligence Agency and General Police Department, and operates under the supervision of the Prosecutor’s Office of Metropolitan. General Prosecutor M.Enkh-Amgalan ordered the working group to investigate the case thoroughly and finalize it promptly.

On the same day, another joint working group was formed with investigators from the Independent Agency Against Corruption, General Police Office, and Criminal Police Department to inspect a criminal case accusing managers and directors of the Development Bank of Mongolia and Ministry of Economic Development of misappropriating large sum of money and causing substantial losses to the nation, according to the General Prosecutors Office.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan