‘Writing Culture 2016’

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  • Apr 19,2016
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__ET5538 __ET5534 __ET5535 __ET5541“Writing Culture 2016”, which was on view at Union of Mongolian Artists  Art Gallery through April 20, put a spotlight on traditional Mongolian script, a vessel for preserving and sharing Mongolian history and culture. Linguists believe that traditional Mongolian script, which was made the official state script by Chinggis Khaan himself, is seen as a reflection of the free thinking of Mongolian people. The hall was filled with scripture and creative expressions, epitomizing the artistic value of traditional Mongolian script. Mongolians take pride in their pictographic alphabet that allows a calligrapher to write “horse” and make it look so artfully like a horse. The Union of Mongolian Artists annually organizes the “Writing Culture” exhibition to mark Traditional Writing Day. In the eight years of its organization, “Writing Culture” has come to include Mongolian calligraphy by artists from different countries. For this year's “Writing Culture” exhibition, the Mongolian Association of Calligraphers cooperated with the Society of Mongolian Calligraphers of Inner Mongolia (China), Ochir Zam Magazine and Tengeriin Bichig Union of Buryatia (Russia), and Zayasan Bichig Union of Kalmykia (Russia).  “Writing Culture” traveled for exhibitions in Dundgovi, Arkhangai, Khentii, Darkhan, Selenge, Orkhon-Uul, and Sukhbaatar provinces before being presented in Ulaanbaatar. L.Tuvshinjargal’s “Heart” was chosen as the year's best artwork. During the exhibition's opening reception in Ulaanbaatar, the Brush Knowledge calligraphy competition was organized with  Mongolian Academy of Sciences linguistics teacher R.Otgonbaatar and artists Ts.Tamir and O.Nyamochir judging the work created. E.Odbayar won first place, M.Buyankhishig won second place, and B.Munkhjargal won third place in the calligraphy competition. "Writing Culture" artists say they plan to participate in international art competitions and exhibitions with Mongolian calligraphy. Their artwork showed the beauty of traditional Mongolian script. The participation of foreign artists of Mongolian origin displayed  an admirable level of appreciation for an aspect of Mongolian culture that some Mongolian nationals seem to neglect.