Yellow level of disaster set for flood-prone places

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The Capital City Emergency Department made a discussion and based on the suggestions of professional organizations, the yellow level of disaster (moderate danger) was set for the locations at risk of flooding for the reason that last year there was more rainfall than the average of the last three decades. Also, the sudden fluctuating weather with sudden cold or warm creates the risk of flash floods. In addition, the relevant professional organizations have informed that the soil water has increased by two to three times compared to the previous years. Moreover, the relative professionalists warned that there is a high risk of yellow water and river flooding if the temperature continues to rise sharply.

The Head of the Capital City Emergency Department, A.Dashnyam said "The district special commissions have met and submitted their decisions. There were floodings in a total of 33 locations in 22 khoroos (the smallest unit of administrative division of the Ulaanbaatar City), such as 12 locations in Bayanzurkh District, nine in Chingeltei District, seven in Songinokhairkhan District and five in Sukhbaatar District. Therefore, 284 employees and workers of the relevant organizations of the capital city and districts worked with 48 technical equipment, and 8,460 meters of trenches were dug, as well as the 401 tons of ice were removed. As a result, the dam construction work was done and 205 households were prevented from being submerged in water and ice.” He then continued “Furthermore, the Department of Geodesy and Water Construction and the emergency departments of the six districts have submitted a request to resolve the lack of workers and equipment. In addition, the Water Climate, Environmental Research and Information Institute has submitted the recommendations and advice to take preventive measures against the possibility of flash floods. As a consequence, it is necessary to urgently organize flood risk prevention work."

The Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City, Kh.Nyambaatar said "Based on the suggestions of professional organizations, the yellow level of disaster has been set for locations at risk of flooding. Also, the Office of the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City is instructed and ordered to purchase necessary equipment and devices to prevent flash floods. It is needed to create contracts with enterprises within February 15 until the equipment and devices arrive and give responsibility to them for a certain amount of land and introduce the places to transfer the ice and sludge.”

The above expenses will be paid from the reserve funds of the Governor of the Capital City and Mayor of Ulaanbaatar City. In addition, Kh.Nyambaatar ordered a preparation plan and budget for the construction of a soil drainage pump in Ulaanbaatar City and presented it to the meeting of the Governor's Council. The Department of Construction and Urban Development was instructed to include the project of adjusting the water supply of the four rivers to be implemented through public-private partnership in the policy documents of the general development plan of Ulaanbaatar City until 2040.

Chantsalmaa Demchigkhorloo