Z.Tumenjargal and B.Bayartsengel collaborate on new exhibition

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Member of the Union of Mongolian Artists Z.Tumenjargal and young artist B.Bayartsengel have unveiled their joint exhibition at the gallery of the Ministry of Culture, giving a glimpse of beliefs and relations with the nature of Mongolians.

By using materials sourced directly from nature, Z.Tumenjargal skillfully paints the relationship between man and nature. In specific, this artist is distinguished by his unique style of connecting the past with the present and depicting nature, myths, rituals and nomadic culture using natural stone, wood, metal, bone, hair and leather.

Most of his artworks combine modern and traditional elements. “The negative impacts of globalization, urbanization and the rapid development of technology are separating humans from nature and Mother Earth. We’re forgetting the benefits and impacts of our five main types of livestock, organic raw materials and home remedies. We’ve forgotten how, when and what we use these things for, and we’re moving further away from them. Diseases have increased as we have drawn away from nature and the intervention of technology in daily connections and conversations are one of the sources of negative incidents in society. I think you can see the benefits of organic products and how they are works of art,” the artist explained.

He aims to show that the link between humans and nature can never be broken and illustrates the importance of loving and preserving nature.

Meanwhile, artist B.Bayartsengel creates her unique works with delicate depictions, soft colors and strong content expressing the inner qualities of Buddhism.

   She remarked, “I grew up in a country where Buddhism flourishes. My family members are all Buddhist. When I was a child, I bowed when I was told to bow and pray, but this religion seemed strange to me. I did not get a clear answer when I asked about this religion. All I heard was sin or karma. I painted the Buddha as a human figure as Buddha himself was a man.”

Interestingly, she is not religious. That’s why her artworks are not influenced by anything. Although her pieces are dominated by pop style, she uses soft colors.

Her “Finding Buddha” piece depicted the Buddha the same as humans, even using and enjoying the same things. She put all of her imagination to work to find the true nature of the Buddha.

'Finding Buddha' by B.Bayartsengel

The exhibition, which will run until November 20, can provide the public with an opportunity to view the mindset and beliefs of Mongolians through art.

The Ministry of Culture gallery displays artists’ artworks regularly to promote public awareness and education about art.

Misheel Lkhasuren