3-in-1 contrasting art show now on display

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In this time of distress and uncertainty, four talented artists have launched a joint exhibition entitled “Black & White” at Altan Khaan Gallery, giving us a space to rid ourselves of constant worries and anxieties.

Master calligrapher S.Tamir, painter E.Naidandorj, contemporary artists Z.Ulziisaikhan and B.Sukhbold,and photographer D.Davaanyam are showcasing breathtaking artworks of an array of style and medium.

As soon as you enter the little gallery, you’re welcomed with huge calligraphy pieces with traditional bold brush strokes by E.Naidandorj and artistic pieces of S.Tamir.

Through “Diamond”, S.Tamir expresses his playful side with his mastery of the brush on rice paper. His modern pieces are recognized by art critiques as artworks fit to be in the “fine arts upper category”. On the other hand, E.Naidandorj is talented and skilled in creating not only Mongol zurag but also miniature style painting. His latest works demonstrate powerful strokes of the brush on paper, exhibiting characters of the Mongolian script.

As you peruse the exhibition, you’re met with a little corner of small-sized pieces that have intricate details. Some of these ink prints on paper by B.Sukhbold show battle fields on land and sea. Through a series of astonishing pieces with both modern and classic themes, he proves that he’s become a master in prints.

With just her imagination and ink pen, Z.Ulziisaikhan flaunts her impeccable skills in prints and designing of huge artworks. Her “Precipitation” and “Jurisprudence Revisited” seem incomplete but with a closer look, you can see each ink stroke and her spot-on shading of light and shadows.

Altan Khaan Gallery also invited photographer D.Davaanyam to share a couple of his stunning but thought-provoking photographs. Highly recognized in the media industry, D.Davaanyam aims to show body art and challenges in society through his lens.

All displayed pieces are in black and white but inspire other artists to test other mediums and design. Each wall of different sets of art gives you the chance to explore three exhibitions at a single location. Make sure to give yourself a piece of mind by visiting “Black and White”, before it closes on May 13.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan