45th diplomatic relations anniversary with Spain begins

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       “FOTCIENCIA 15”, known as scientific photography, is being displayed at Norphei Art Gallery until September 15. With the support of the Jesus Sierra Foundation of the Western Catalan group, the Higher Council for Scientific Research and the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology have organized and approved the science-themed photo contest “FOTCIENCIA 15”. This photo exhibition is held on the occasion of the 46th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Mongolia and Spain.

The implementation of this initiative is not only interesting to the public, but it is also important to bring them closer to the world of science and technology and to promote them. Through the 49 photographs presented in the exhibition, it is clearly shown that the two fields are combined into one whole.

The science themed photo contest was organized, as well. A total of 350 people participated in this competition, 48 of them were teachers. Out of a total of 729 photographs, 49 works were selected. It is divided into general and micro groups on the topic of agriculture, food and classroom science, which is one of sustainable development. Of these, the last theme is aimed at secondary school students, which undoubtedly conveys the message that science is accessible to all.

A viewer of these photographs, with clear and understandable explanations, is sometimes filled with wonder, awe, and delight when watching these attractive pictures. An audience watching the exhibition said, “Science is the main tool for mankind to create a wide-ranging permanent work to adapt to the environment. It is the responsibility of the relevant organizations to develop and further advance these sectors for the benefit of the present and the future.”

Science is inseparable from art and the most important thing is that people are more and more curious. For me, this exhibition was interesting as we rarely get to see these natural elements up close and even small details can be seen in the pictures. Regardless of someone’s interest in science, I believe this is a must-see to anyone who is even a little curious about what science in nature looks like.

Amarjargal Munkhbat