Altan Khalis to be organized in June

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  • May 20,2018
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The sixth Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival, the biggest Independent Film Festival in Central Asia will be held between June 2 and 8 in Ulaanbaatar. The Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival, known for its first four years as the Golden Reel International Underground Film Festival, is the first and foremost experimental film festival in Central Asia. Starting from the 2017 edition, the film festival is broadening its reach in the filmmaking world and will receive conventional films in three categories – narrative short, documentary short, and animation short. The winner of the festival will receive a prize fund of two million MNT and the “Altan Khalis” trophy while winners of other categories will be awarded 500,000 MNT each. Last year, a Mongolian film, “Seeing others in me” by D.Zolbayar, became the first Mongolian entry to win the Altan Khalis award. The goals and objectives of the Altan Khalis Independent Film Festival are to encourage artists and filmmakers to push the boundaries of traditional and conventional forms of filmmaking; to inspire first-time filmmakers and uncover new talent; to foster local interest in art house and independent films and to connect underexposed filmmakers to an enthusiastic audience.