‘Animals’ comes to Blue Moon Art Gallery

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  • Aug 28,2016
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IMG_3015 Snow[/caption] Artist M.Bolortuya (better known as Art Boloria) opened her second solo exhibition, “Animals”, at Blue Moon Art Gallery on August 24. Over 20 watercolor and oil paintings illustrating wild and domesticated animals are on view at the gallery through September 4. M.Bolortuya took part in a April 2015 project led by Blue Moon Art Gallery and Hustai National Park to help protect the cultural and historical heritage of natural landmarks in Mongolia, and to promote Przewalski’s horses through art. Member artists of Blue Moon art Gallery traveled to Hustai National Park and created artwork inspired by the natural beauty of the park and its wild residents. During her trip, M.Bolortuya painted studies of animals she saw in Hustai, and developed some of those studies into the work displayed in “Animals”. Among them are moving images of animals with their young. M.Bolortuya’s first solo exhibition was “Art Boloria”, held at Blue Moon Art Gallery in 2015. IMG_3013 Falcon[/caption] IMG_3020 The Sun[/caption] IMG_3019 Lord of the Mountain[/caption] IMG_3011