Are you ready for Naadam Festival?

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A little more than a week remain until one of the grandest celebrations in Mongolia, the Naadam Festival. State Honored Artist and General Director of the State Academic Drama Theater N.Naranbaatar will direct this year’s Naadam Festival, concurrent to the 2,225th anniversary of Mongolian Statehood, 810th anniversary of the Mongol Empire and the 95th anniversary of the Mongolian People’s Revolution. This year’s Naadam opening ceremony will be resounded with a new song, composed especially for the big celebration.  “Mongol Naadam” song was composed by Mongolian Cultural Merit Worker L.Balhjav, the lyric was written by Cultural Merit Worker and novelist Sh.Gurbazar, and the musical composition was directed by composer B.Chinbat. The music video for “Mongol Naadam” will be released today and it features 25 talented Mongolian artists from all genres of music, and musicians and dancers from the State Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet, Song and Dance Ensemble of the Border Forces, Military Song and Dance Academic Ensemble, and the State Academic Drama Theater. Important notices: • Tickets for the opening of Naadam Festival and wrestling tournament will be sold for the same price as last year. Depending on seats, ticket prices for locals range from 16,000 to 24,000 MNT. Tourist tickets cost 25 USD. Tickets can be purchased from the Wrestling Palace and Central Cultural Palace from July 6. • The number of public buses to transport passengers to Khui Doloon Khutagt field, where horse racing will take place during Naadam Festival has been doubled to 30 buses this year. The organizers have provided a special area for buses to recharge as well. • Three-thousand new street benches and chairs were bought with city funds, increasing the total amount of chairs in the city to 6,000. Around 4,000 of these benches and chairs will be set up at Khui Doloon Khutagt field, which is 2,000 chairs more than 2015. • Businesses and vendors that will sell goods and services at Khui Doloon Khutagt field, Chingeltei and Khan-Uul Districts, and the Central Stadium must get permission from districts. The organizers plan to allow 250 to 280 businesses to operate at these locations. • A car park for over 6,000 vehicles and 30 toilets will be available in 15 locations at Khui Doloon Khutagt field. • Kharanga band will perform for free at Chinggis Square on the first day of Naadam Festival, June 11. • Child jockeys will be allowed to participate in the horse racing with approval from a guardian and after they are insured. • 1,024 wrestlers will wrestle in this year’s tournament.

Dulguun Bayarsaikhan