‘Art and Satisfaction in Mental Action’

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  • Mar 03,2017
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E.Enkhzaya, B.Dulguun, U.Narbayasgalan, U.Odmaa, N.Amarsaikahn, and R.Chinzorig unveiled a group exhibition of installation, mixed media, and video art titled “Art and Satisfaction in Mental Action”, which was on view at Contemporary Art Center of Mongolia from February 6 to 28. The potential for satisfaction exists inside everyone, but the way satisfaction is felt is different. The exhibition aspires to release different feelings of satisfaction through mental action. “Perceiving/Feeling the Information” by B.DULGUUN “Perceiving/Feeling the Information” by B.DULGUUN[/caption] Artist B.Dulguun said about her work “Perceiving/Feeling the Information”, “I went to a sauna three years ago when I was in South Korea. I had never seen so many naked women at once before. There were women with different body shapes, faces, and ages. It seemed to me that no one cared what people thought about them. At that time, I understood that the clothes we wear change us a lot and hide our faults. “There is quote that says the female body is God’s creation, and it is perfect. I didn't agree with that at that time. I didn't feel good when I saw a lot of naked women. They were like animals, like a flock of animals. I also thought that the human body itself is like clothes. “My exhibition ‘Shell’, at 976 Art Gallery in 2016, was related to clothes. Humans transmit information through clothes when they are wearing them. I thought about how clothes couldn’t express anything when they weren't being worn. I tried to express this idea through my pieces.” “Towards awakening” by R.Chinzorig “Towards awakening” by R.Chinzorig[/caption] Screen Shot 2017-03-03 at 17.56.38