'ART' on the rise at Blue Moon Art Gallery

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  • Jul 06,2016
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  By Eloïse Wacheux Clashing works of art contrast from one piece to another in the group exhibition currently on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery, quite simply named “ART”. It is a welding of several professional artists’ masterpieces. On view for the month of July, "ART"  features painters in every style, from expressionism to hyperrealism, impressionism, abstraction, and painterly styles. The painting techniques also differ. For instance, in  “Suburbs” by D.Batnasan, soft watercolors create a strong impression of a foggy day, successfully catching the essence of everyday life. The neutral colors of this painting increase its realism, and the abstract painting style perfectly suits the essence that the artist wanted this cityscape to release. To the left of the gallery entrance, an oil painting by B.Orkhontuul called “Appearance” immediately overwhelms the visitor, first with its grand scale, but mostly because of its soft colors, accurate details, and strong message received upon closer inspection. The boy on the canvas and the plants painted seem almost real, and the drips pervading his skin send chills down the spine, as they give the impression of fusing into his body. Finally, in the far right corner of the room, a square landscape of oil paint by D.Dorjjantsan represents very realistic horses in a gigantic meadow. Thick brush marks on a solid background gives the impression of a stifling sun, in spite of clouds and wind. Mountains in the background almost seem  tiny compared to the immensity of the steppe. This exhibition full of amazing emotions will be open until August 1st, at Blue Moon Art Gallery at BlueMon Center. It is a refreshing outing, looking over the different styles and atmospheres, and to travel a bit in the contradistinct world of all these talented artists. IMG_4037 IMG_4027 9957bab0-6a89-4ed9-bec3-39564ac24dc7 Save