Average salary reaches 2 million MNT

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The National Statistics Office (NSO) has announced that it has released the salary statistics of enterprises and organizations as of the third quarter of this year. Specifically, 768,000 employees of 50,400 enterprises and organizations were included in the social insurance contribution payment report of the Social Insurance Office. The number of organizations paying such contributions increased by 1,800 compared to the same period of 2022, by 373 compared to the previous quarter, and the number of employees increased by 10,900 compared to the second quarter. 

The average monthly salary per employee was 2 million MNT, which is 436,100 MNT more than in the same period of 2022 and 119,300 MNT more than in the previous quarter. Considering the gender, the average salary was 2.3 million MNT for men and 1.7 million MNT for women. The salary of the workers in the field of activities of international organizations and resident representatives was the highest, 5.1 million MNT.

However, the lowest amount was 1.3 million MNT for the employee's salaries in hotels, apartments, and catering services. Among the total number of insured persons, the percentage of citizens with a salary of 2-3 million MNT was the highest. Considering the average monthly salary of employees by region, it was 2.1 million MNT in Ulaanbaatar, which means 120,000 MNT more than the national average. But in other regions, it was 106,800 to 541,400 MNT lower than the national average. Considering the form of organizational responsibility, the average monthly salary of employees in cooperatives and limited liability companies was 2.1 million MNT, in joint-stock companies was 2.3 million MNT, and in state-owned enterprises was 2.4 million MNT. However, the average monthly salary of employees in other organizations was 217,800 to 592,800 MNT less than the national average. Then, the average monthly salary of the employees of the budget organization became 1.75 million MNT, which was 500,400 MNT more than the same period of the previous year, as claimed by NSO.

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