‘B-Atelier-209’ art show unveiled

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Artist U.Battsooj is presenting his “B-Atelier-209” solo exhibition, featuring more than 50 paintings he created in recent years. This exhibition is named after the studio where he creates his most artworks and it makes people feel like they’re getting a glimpse into of his workspace his studio.

U.Battsooj is known for exploring the creation of folklore and rituals in Mongolian society. He graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts with a degree in Mongol zurag painting in 2004.

Each of his pieces is imbued with meaningful and vital symbols and narratives. The colors of his masterpieces highlight the characteristics of the artist and attract art lovers. Previously, he mostly used solid blue, yellow and red colors but his latest works use warm and pastel colors. He said he focused a lot on color harmony in his latest works.

The composition of U.Battsooj’s paintings seems simple, but the narrative is rich. He distinguishes himself from other artists with his ability to express the optimal color combination and palate within a very short time.

I would like to bring attention to the “Blue Spot” painting from U.Battsooj’s new collection. In terms of color, this piece is dominated by warm, soft and brownish colors and expresses a perfect combination of light technique, intense movement, and artistry. In the upper right part of the piece, the majestic figure of Chinggis Khaan can be clearly seen. The blue spots on the prominent knights in the center of the painting are perfectly placed, giving us the opportunity to feel the sound of galloping horses. In the lower part of the work, men on horseback are imperceptibly depicted on a light background.

'Blue Spot'

Journalist and poet B.Tsenddoo once described U.Battsooj’s art as similar to “opening a new locked door with different keys”. 

To see more of his paintings, stop by the Mongol Art Gallery. The exhibition will be on display through October 18.

Misheel Lkhasuren