Bus Rapid Transit project to be intensified

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  • Aug 28,2016
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Mayor of Ulaanbaatar S.Batbold issued guidelines to intensify the implementation of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) project, to be implemented in cooperation with Asian Development Bank (ADB) in order to mitigate Ulaanbaatar’s traffic congestion and provide prompt transport services to city residents. ADB reported, “Investments in urban transport infrastructure, management, quality of services, and road safety have significantly lagged behind the pace of urbanization. As a result, the city is suffering from heavy road congestion, inefficient traffic management, poor safety conditions, and a weak public transport system. These factors contribute to economic inefficiency due to increased trip times, excessive fuel use, and poor air quality, which all serve to reduce residents' quality of life. Without a viable system of public transport, Ulaanbaatar will soon experience even more serious traffic congestion that will negatively impact economic development and quality of life.” Ulaanbaatar Development Corporation was made responsible for setting up a schedule for completion of a general finance agreement for the Ulaanbaatar Public Transport Development Investment Program, and to create a project unit to work with a contractor. The guidelines will be submitted to the Ministry of Finance and ADB for suggestions. Chairman of the Mayor’s Office M.Otgonbayar was assigned with overseeing the implementation of the Mayor’s guidelines.