Cabinet approves Good Trainee program

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  • Jun 22,2016
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During its regular meeting on Monday, the Cabinet approved the Good Trainee program to develop professional capabilities of personnel and provide possibilities for training in highly developed countries. University and vocational training center graduates between the ages of 18 and 39 will be involved in the program. The Cabinet also plans to implement sub-programs depending on the culture and special features of the training hosting countries. The Cabinet believes that the Good Trainee program will provide an opportunity for improving the program participant’s competitiveness, and create a possibility for introducing foreign advanced technology and experience to Mongolia, and improve the nation’s foreign relations, as well as develop investment and cultural exchanges. Minister of Labor G.Bayarsaikhan was assigned with managing and monitoring the program’s implementation. He was also tasked to include financing required for the program in the state budget every year, and to finance the program through foreign loans, assistances, projects and programs.