Countries with nomadic civilizations convene in France

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Under the auspices of UNESCO, the sixth special meeting of the General Assembly of the International Institute for the Study of Nomadic Civilizations was held at the Embassy of Mongolia in France. In addition to the representatives of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Turkey, representatives of UNESCO and scientists also participated in the the 42nd regular session of the UNESCO General Conference, which was held on November 7-22, 2023.

The International Institute for the Study of Nomadic Civilizations (IISNC) conducts its activities in Central Asia. At this meeting, it issued the importance of studying the countries of the Middle East and other continents with a tradition of nomadic civilizations, to emphasize open and respectful dialogue between cultures. Also, participants discussed building stability and peace in the world, creating a multiplicity of human cultures, maintaining diversity, and solving future financial issues.

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Mongolia to France and Permanent Representative to UNESCO U.Nyamkhuu noted that Mongolia proposed and approved the initiative of developing and presenting the UNESCO Collection “History of Nomadic Civilizations” series to the world. The delegates reviewed the activities carried out by UNESCO in the last two years and discussed plans for promoting research and academic works to the world in the coming years.

IISNC, which works under the auspices of UNESCO, is a Mongolia-based UNESCO Institute established in 1998 by the initiative of UNESCO Secretary-General Federico Mayor and by a multilateral agreement between the governments of Indonesia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Mongolia, and Turkey. It is an international organization with second-class status. Since 1999, countries with a tradition of nomadic culture have been studying the life of their people from the state-society, state, and economy-culture aspects and produced numerous substantial studies and works.

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