Crude oil pipeline from Tamsag to Altanshiree commences construction

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Member of Parliament and Chairman of the Standing Committee on Industrialization Policy T.Enkhtuvshin met with Vice President of China's state-owned Norinco Group Wang Yi Tong and representatives who were selected as the contractor for the oil pipeline construction project in Mongolia. The construction of a crude oil pipeline with a total length of 530 km from the Tamsag oil field in Dornogovi province to the oil refinery being built in Altanshiree soum in Dornogobi province will start on April 28.

Head of the Standing Committee T.Enkhtuvshin emphasized the progress of the oil refinery in Altanshiree Soum and the construction of the Tavantolgoi-Khangi-Mandal railway, and expressed his satisfaction at the beginning of the pipeline to supply raw materials to the oil refinery. He noted that an oil refinery with pipelines for drawing crude oil is very important for the economic development of Mongolia and emphasized that once the plant is put into operation, our country will be able to meet its own domestic fuel needs.

Vice President Wang Yi tong introduced that Norinco Group is a company that operates in many fields, and since signing the contract on April 10, it has paid great attention to the construction of oil pipelines in Mongolia and has given great importance to preparatory work such as blueprint drawing, designing and planning. He said that he is confident that the construction will
be successful because of mutual understanding and cooperation between the two parties.

Amarjargal Munkhbat