Dangerous weather expected in few days

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The National Agency for Meteorolog­y and Environmen­tal Monitoring issued a special warning that central, eastern and northern Gobi provinces will experience wet snow and snow blizzards. 

The western part of Mongolia will experience five to 10 lower degrees tonight, the northern part of the country tomorrow, and the eastern part of the country on November 5. The extreme weather changes that will begin in the western provinces today are likely to reach the level of a dangerous phenomenon.

The Ulaanbaatar Emergency Management Agency (UEMA) reported that on November 1, in the direction of Baganuur District and Khentii Province, slippery conditions occurred, vehicles were impassable, and the emergency call was received to the emergency department. Moreover, on the right side of the Kherlen Road Traffic Inspection Bureau, six large vehicles were blocked due to a slip and the emergency department officers of the district arrived, they pulled out a fuel tanker truck that was blocking the one-way traffic. A car in the area of Tsenkhermandal soum of Khentii Province was sliding with summer tires and the 64th Firefighting Division and Rescue Team of the Baganuur District Emergency Department arrived and pulled out four citizens who were stuck in the snow in their car and brought them to a safe place.

Therefore, UEMA advises that as ice forms on the roads causes slipping and falling, citizens should inform themselves with weather reports, and warnings issued by professional organizations when going on long and short trips. Be careful of slippage, limited visibility, road closures, getting stuck in snow, getting lost, or falling off, warns EUMA.

Furthermore, the National Traumatology and Orthopedics Research Center warns citizens to be careful when traveling due to snowy and slippery conditions. To prevent slipping, it is advised to bend your knees a little, lean forward, wear rubber-soled shoes, and not run when crossing the road. If you stretch your elbows and lose your hands, you may break your wrist bones and strain your ligaments, so please try not to fall on your hands. 

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