Demonstrators demand resignation of Speaker of Parliament

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  • Apr 06,2016
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Mongoloo Avarya (Let’s Save Mongolia) Movement demonstrated outside the Parliament House on April 4. The movement said that they want answers to the demands they submitted to state administrators on March 30. Over 100 young people with red flags and ribbons, accompanied by senior citizens, demonstrated under the motto “We’re the ones who have to save Mongolia”, and marched from the Victory Square to the Parliament House. The movement demanded answers to three questions: “How much debt does each Mongolian citizen have?”, “When will the public get out of poverty?”, and “When will we live like people in our home country?” Head of the Let’s Save Mongolia Movement B.Gankhuyag said that they are demonstrating as they haven’t received a response to their questions, and demanded the Speaker of the Parliament to resign for ethical reasons. The demonstrators also submitted three more questions: “How much debt have you plunged your future into?”, “How many years does it take for wealthy Mongolia to come out of poverty?”, and “When will the citizens of Mongolia live in ownership of their home country?” The movement said they surveyed approximately 6,000 Mongolians, and 78.8 percent of them replied that they don’t believe in Mongolia’s future. “We’re in this condition where there’s a need for the public to move. Just now, they were about to bury nuclear waste in our country. We have to fight,” said one of the demonstrators. Later that day, Secretary General of the Parliamentary Office Amarjargal spoke with the demonstrators. “I received your demand. The document demands the Speaker of the Parliament Z.Enkhbold to be ethical, realize his responsibility, and resign. You will receive a reply to your demands on April 11.”