‘Donating gers to Turkey and Syria will be a great support’

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                                                                                    On February 13, information was provided about Mongolians collecting donations to send aid to Turkey and Syria. The organizers of the donation campaign said, “Donating gers to Turkey and Syria, where natural disasters have occurred, will be appropriate support of the Mongolian people. Instead of collecting various products, we need to focus on donating and transporting gers. Many organizations are joining us and donating. Many organizations, including our One Team NGO, are cooperating. We are organizing a donation campaign because we live in the same world regardless of territory, religion, and state. This donation campaign will be held from February 12 to 19.”

Campaign organizers then continued, “A ger manufacturing companies, district enterprises, and business organizations are donating gers. On the last day of the donation, the Ambassador of Turkey will be invited to the Sukhbaatar Square and we will give the donation. Right now, 17 gers have been built on the Sukhbaatar Square. The information about which organization donated the house is open. The Mongolians who are living in Turkey said that they will build gers. Not only gers, but also cash and other donations will be accepted.”

The government also decided to provide humanitarian aid with goods and materials from state resources to the people and citizens of Turkey and Syria, who were affected by the disaster. Accordingly, 5 tons of meat, 1 ton of candles, 1,000 blankets, and 20 complete Mongolian gers were sent to Turkey. Preparations are being made to send 5 tons of meat, 1 ton of candles, and 500 blankets to Syria.

Rescue team keeps working in Turkey

On February 12, the rescue team of Mongolia, which is on duty in the Hatay region of Turkey, took out the bodies of 3 people from the rubble of the building and handed them over to the hospital. Also, at the request of citizens, jewelry, and cash were found under the rubble of their houses and handed over to relevant organizations and people. On this day, the medical team of the rescue team examined and diagnosed a total of 96 people (including 13 children) in the field hospital and provided emergency medical care. Official representatives of the Turkish Ministry of Health and the commander of the Special Forces sector have familiarized themselves with the operation of the hospital and expressed gratitude for their cooperation and announced that they will provide the necessary equipment.

On February 13, the leader of the rescue team, Brigadier-General B.Uuganbayar, visited the field hospital and gave instructions, and held a meeting with the management and coordination department of the Antakya military and police organizations and the Disaster and Emergency Management Authority. On this occasion, he met with Minister of Interior Suleyman Soylu, Turkish Minister of National Defense Hulusi Akar, Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces, General of the Army Yashar Güler, Member of the State Parliament, Hasan Sert, Governor of Amasya Province, Mustafa Maksatlar, and expressed deep condolences on behalf of the entire community.

However, the military field hospital assisted a total of 72 citizens who suffered injuries and other causes on February 13. For example, 15 people with bone fractures, 21 people with cardiovascular diseases, and 25 people with respiratory diseases, diabetes, and other diseases were treated and given medication advice. Since the people who need help come at any time of the day, the hospital operates 24 hours a day and staff are assigned to work on duty fully.

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