Energy sector leaders hold consultative meeting

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  • Apr 25,2016
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On April 22, leaders from the energy sector held a consultative meeting to discuss and exchange views on the challenges being faced in the nation’s energy sector. During the consultation, Minister of Energy D.Zorigt presented a speech on the legal environment of the energy sector, measures being taken to improve its financial and economic capacity, and its future goals. State Secretary of the Ministry D.Delgertsogt talked about the current conditions of the energy sector in Mongolia and gave a presentation on projects completed from 2012 to 2016, highlighting their benefits. Head of the Energy Regulatory Committee S.Otgonbayar presented a speech on energy tariff policy and the results of industry regulations. Minister D.Zorigt underlined that changes made to the energy sector’s law and regulations have created a new legal environment, creating possibilities for the energy sector to develop in accordance with market principles. He gave detailed information on measures being taken to implement the sector’s laws and regulations. “By indexing energy tariffs distributed to consumers, financial difficulties caused by inflation have decreased in the energy sector; and by introducing electrical power tariffs, the mechanism for calculating energy consumption has improved and rate fluctuation has decreased, mitigating technical difficulties in the power system. It also helped in increasing production efficiency,” said Minister Zorigt. The Minister introduced new projects being implemented in the nation’s energy sector. He also mentioned regional energy development trends and Mongolia’s participation in them. State Secretary D.Delgertsogt said that Mongolia’s energy production capacity, which stood at 876 megawatts in 2012, rose to 1,140 megawatts (up by 30 percent) in 2016. Heat production was 2,120 kcal/h in 2012, but is now at 2,921 kcal/h in 2016. He added that the number of energy and heat consumers has increased by 26 to 54 percent. D.Delgertsogt underlined that the overall revenue of the energy industry has increased by 218.8 billion MNT (58.1 percent) since 2012.