Exhibition for the 125th anniversary of D.Sukhbaatar’s birth opens

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The opening ceremony of an exhibition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of General D.Sukhbaatar’s birth, who was the founder of the Mongolian people’s revolution and minister of the military, took part at the Independence Palace on February 2.

General Secretary of the Mongolian People’s Party (MPP) D.Amarbayasgalan, President of Social Democracy Mongolian Youth Federation and Member of Parliament G.Temuulen, and Director of Strategy Academy G.Naranbaatar attended to the opening ceremony of the exhibition.

D.Amarbayasgalan said in his opening remarks, “We should not forget the merits of [D.Sukhbaatar], including his contribution to the independence declaration, the establishment of the People’s Party and the People’s Government. It is important to promote his deeds to future generations.”

Historical artifacts of this exhibition were collected by O.Baatar for 53 years since 1966. Now, he is giving his personal collections to the Mongolian People’s Party.

The rich collection featured over 500 exhibits including photographs, paintings, sculptures, stamps, and notes that shows D.Sukhbaatar’s life, historical dignity, autobiography and contributions to the independence was displayed. O.Baatar first begun promoting the life of D.Sukhbaatar with a newspaper spread at general education schools in Ulaanbaatar.

Over the years, the collection grew what is now displayed at Independence Palace.

His collection includes many interesting and rare items such as the painting “D.Sukhbaatar” by artist Budbazar, original sculpture titled “Sukhbaatar and Lenin” by U.Bold, stamp and notes from 1933, the first sketch of D.Sukhbaatar’s statue and a medal with his portrait. O.Baatar was originally named Navaan, but changed it at age nine, since the head of the General Club was named Baatar (hero) when he and his parents joined the club in 1944.

This event was the beginning of the collection which is big enough to open a museum for D.Sukhbaatar.

Sukhbaatar (literally meaning “Axe hero” in the Mongolian language) was born in Elbeg Amgalan, east of Ikh Khuree (later Niislel Khuree, now Ulaanbaatar), as the third of four children. At the age of 14, Sukhbaatar had the opportunity to get an education from Zaisan Jamyan. He joined the “Secret group of Khuree”, founded the Mongolian People’s Revolutionary Party (now Mongolian People’s Party) and won the historic victory to secure Mongolia’s independence through the revolutionary movement he led.

Daariimaa Batnasan