French school adds a ger classroom to their campus

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  • Sep 04,2016
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A village in northern France is using a Mongolian ger to accommodate extracurricular activities for its students. The Three Keys School in Boëseghem, French Flanders, has seen its student body grow from 90 to 150 in ten years and needed a cost-effective solution when they discovered the school needed a new classroom. The ger cost 70,000 EUR and includes a wood floor, providing a 63 square meter classroom for up to 20 students. Quentin Callewaert, the school’s director, praised the lighting, sound, and practical design of the ger. The village’s mayor, Danielle Mametz, first thought of the home of the ancient nomads to solve the school’s classroom problem, having enjoyed a stay in a ger. Mayor Mametz says the ger “will help open the students to another culture” and takes pride in the innovative and culturally rich addition to the school.