‘From Time to Time’

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  • Apr 17,2016
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B.Saikhanbayar’s 20th solo endeavor, “From Time to Time”, is on view at Blue Moon Art Gallery through April 20. Approximately 50 contemporary, modern, and abstract paintings are presented in the hall. The artist uses primary colors in his oil paintings to depict happiness in life. “Some might associate the blue in my paintings with being morose, but the blue that was used by Picasso and in other people’s paintings was darker. I use sky blue, as Mongolia is the Land of the Blue Sky, and the color suggests truth and stability,” said B.Saikhanbayar The hall is filled with portraits and landscapes in trios that hint at futurism and cubism. The artist said he took inspiration from nature. “I make travel notes and I usually draw inspiration from the notes when I read them later,” he said. B.Saikhanbayar graduated from the Green Horse School at the School of Fine Arts at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture in 1995. He is a member artist of the Green Horse Society. According to the artist, the exhibition has a special connection to the number 20. “This marks the 20th year since I graduated university, and this also happens to be my 20th exhibition,” said B.Saikhanbayar.