Gratitude creates happiness

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The “Thank You” exhibition by artists of the Union of Mongolian Artists T.Ulziijargal and A.Ulziijavkhlan has unveiled at the Mongol Art Gallery.

More than 30 works of artists with their own unique worlds, methods, and images are displayed in the exhibition. The people who expand the artists’ thinking and crafting space and sharpen their inspiration to create unique works are undoubtedly their families, friends, and art enthusiasts. That’s why the artists named the exhibition “Thank You” for them. 

'Andgai' by T.Ulziijargal

Words are stronger than anything. Even though “thank you” is a common but very valuable word, learning to express gratitude every day can generate happiness and joy to your life. If you notice that you can feel happiness every day, you will see that it is always around us.

Among the works, T.Ulziijargal’s “Andgai” series of paintings is very interesting as it is based on the story of friendship between Mongolian heroes, especially Temuujin and Jamukha. According to the Secret History of the Mongols, Burte, wife of Temuujin, was abducted by the Three Merkits; Wang Khan and Jamukha and Temuujin combined forces against the Merkits to bring her back. Jamukha is a major character in the 1965 film Chinggis Khaan, portrayed by Stephen Boyd, and the 2007 film Mongol, portrayed by Honglei Sun. In The Conqueror, the screenplay depicts him as unfailingly loyal and subordinate to Temuujin, but ends with him insisting on the bloodless execution (when Temuujin swears to grant him any favor he requests), as opposed to the 1965 film, which depicts them as lifelong rivals and enemies who both perish in a climactic duel. 

Artists T.Ulziijargal and A.Ulziijavkhlan

If you say yes, you must keep your promises! It is the message of the ancestors who adhere to the principle of self-respect, a clear expression of self-respect and respect for others.

Meanwhile, A.Ulziijavkhlan’s artworks symbolize the happiness and joy of every family, and depict the Mongolian family. Just as we can’t measure someone’s happiness, each piece has its own unique characteristics and intrinsic value. That’s why their masterpieces are fast-paced, powerful and exciting.

If you would like to see their artworks in person, stop by the Mongol Art Gallery before the exhibition wraps on June 10. 


Misheel Lkhasuren